Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Things Come in the Mail

Look what came to my door this week. The new Delilah fabric, by Tanya Whelan.

Could that be anymore perfect?

Where was this fabric when i was making Delilah her baby quilt? But, it sure won't hurt her to have another will it?

The gray's are not from the same fabric line but i love them and they really seem to go well.

Now i am dreaming about when i will get a chance to lay it all out and make the top!!!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

And the Winner is...

...drum roll please!!!! The winner of the Robots Quilt is Kimberly of Perfection Not Included. I sure hope that you love it and it gets a wonderful new home with you and your family. I am going to go e-mail you right now!!!!

And thanks all of you ladies that entered...makes me feel like you know i am still here. I swear i will quilt again someday. :o) Perhaps there will be something coming up with some brand new fabirc that just came in the mail...i love good mail. I will be sharing it with you soon.


Her name means means 'Delight' and she has truly been just that...a delight to have. This is a little video of sure to listen to the music as well, it definitely applies.

**the giveaway is open for the rest of today, to enter go here.**

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giveaway Time!!!

The time has come!!! This quilt needs a nice new home!

What do you think? Is anyone interested?

This was originally made for the possibility of having a little boy, but as any of you faithful readers know, we had Delilah and she is certainly not a boy!

So, if you are interested, no jumping through hoops is required, just go ahead and leave a comment. I will leave this open for a few days and pick the winner Sunday. How does that sound?

size: 40"x 33"
made with: Cogsmo by Cosmo Cricket
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Late Baking

While i recognize that most of us are over the whole cookies and holiday thing....but, we did not have time really for making all the yummy cookies and treats we make every year(baby). So tonight the kids and i made one of our must have christmas cookies, Fudge Balls. I have been trying to find the time to make these for weeks now, and tonight with baby sleeping in sleepy wrap we had a minute so we went for it. They are so good i thought i would share.

Fudge Balls

1/2 c Butter
1 and 1/2 squares Bakers Chocolate, unsweetened
3/4 c. Sugar
1 Egg
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
1 3/4 c. Flour
Confectioner's Sugar

Heat oven to 375. Melt butter and chocolate in saucepan. Remove from heat and cool. Add sugar, egg, salt and vanilla. Mix well. Stir in flour. Shape into balls, about a tsp. each. Place on ungreased cookie sheet, bake 7-9 minutes. Roll warm cookies in powder sugar and Enjoy!!!
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6 Weeks!

How is the time going by so quickly?

These are some of my recent favorites of Delilah.

These little shoes used to belong to Avery. I kept them all these years, hoping...and sure enough we have another special little girl perfect for them.

But these have to be my favorite...especially that shot of her sweet little face. We love our tummy tub!!

Again, i can not say enough good things about that lightscoop...we used it for all of these pictures because they were all at night in our dark house.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Few More

For the family(and anyone else interested!) are a few more recent shots of Delilah!

Cozy with Daddy...i think he was humming in her other ear.

Having her first submerged tubby!!! This bath bucket is so great. She just sat and relaxed and loved it. She would have stayed in there longer but i did not want her to turn into a little prune.

And a little cuddle with Mommy...Colleen, this last one was one of the first sample shots with our new camera toy. We love it!!!

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Baby Sampling!!!

I meant to post a little every week, but taking care of her seems to take up much of the time around here....meaning very little time left over for blogging. Those bottom two on the right are her at 2 weeks and 3 weeks...i might be crazy but i think i can see a difference in her size. And is there anything sweeter than little tiny baby feet!?!?!?
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