Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Refashion

We have been doing a bit of t shirt refashioning around here lately 

It started with a shirt of my husbands(imagine basic large mens t shirt) and this was so simple and is so cute on her. It seriously took me ten minutes to make. She loves it and loves that wearing it is a way to be closer to my husband when he is gone.

Today i just flew by the seat of my pants....i had this old shirt of mine(plain gray v neck T) and i was never going to wear it, but i did not want to get rid of it so i got to thinking....what can i do with it?

Ding! Ding! Another top for Avery!!!!

I cut off the sleeves and then cut a straight line just below the v neck with about an inch to spare. At first i thought i would throw away the neck parts and make the shirt into a little play skirt but then this shirt idea popped into my head.

I did a simple running stitch to make the gather and then fit the two together with the top inside the bottom to make a paper bag style ruffle.

This took some serious brain work for me since i am not a clothes sewer but in the end we both really loved it and the pocket i used to hate came in so handy for her nano.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Update

Today is 'not much going on around here' Thursday(again)....I am still here but not really doing anything to blog about.

For Mothers day i did make this planter of succulents for my mom. I planted it in a old vintage dish i bought at goodwill. I love it!! The kids filled the top with some of our summer beach treasures. And voila!!! a pretty planter is made.

Chris and the kids began a garden. We are no experts at veg gardening so i am just crossing my fingers that we will get something to show for it....anything.

Or just make it through the chipmunks eating all of our seeds. That would be a plus. The kids helped a little and nature is taking care of the watering for us right now.

Then there is this little lady who is spending her summery days out on our patio getting soaking wet in her water table (and loving it), running around the yard with sidewalk chalk, marking everything in sight(including us) and eating everyone elses ice pops!

Could she get any cuter?
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Oh Finally! A new WIP!

I have been working on my ruby quilt for so long, and it was really coming along well until i ran out of thread this week. Joann's here i come!!! That gave me the opportunity to start this new project with Salt Air.

I love a pretty pile of scraps and trimmings from a project!

And this is my first block! Isn't it so fun?

I found the tutorial for how to make it on the Missouri Star Quilt Company's website. Honestly this block is like magic. All you need is a jelly roll and you have the potential for something really amazing.

I can not wait to make more.

Head over to Lee's at Freshly Pieced to see what everyone else is making.
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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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