Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life is Full

Life is full of the end of the school year activities!!!

the kids have finished up their first year of gymnastics. They both did so well. I was really impressed with all that they learned.

They are both so proud of the medals and certificates they earned.

Life is full of lots of baby loving!

Our wee baby Delilah is full of giggles and laughs lately. She often just chuckles under her breath at us when we walk in our out of a room. I can hardly believe that she is already almost 6 months old.

She had a lovely time out on the playground the other night with Daddy and the big kids.

I know i go on and on all the time about how cute she is but check out these knees!!! Aren't they awesome!?!

Life is full of quilt and craft plans!!! Always more than i have time for.

Seems like there are an around us awful lot of babies being born, and i really would love to give each one of them a little quilt to say welcome to the world. So it is time to start a new project.

Life is full of homeschool!!

School is almost finished for the year. We had our last group homeschool activity. I have to say that i am just as ready as the kids are to have a little summer vacation. Because of this there has been a lot more playing going on than school. We will finish, but in the meantime Avery has been doing a lot of monkeying around to blow off steam!

What has your life been full of lately?


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fortunate Find

Today was our lucky day!!! found by the household hunter and gatherer....Mitchell.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Does a Week fly by so Fast???

After posting my last post i realized that that was my 666th post...make what you will of that! I think changing that number might make me feel better. I am not superstitious or anything, it was just 666 and that just seems bad....anyway....just saying

I have a few things to share here so it is a combined post of sorts. I finally finished Delilah's baby afghan. In truth it did make it to a finish much sooner than Mitchell's ever did...(when he was six years old). Her quilt began as a much different color...but i confess i made a total rookie mistake and did not purchase matching dye lots. i know!! what was i thinking? So i began it all over again with this gray, and boy am i glad that i did(check out the original start in this post). I do love it but it is not without its errors, sort of!!! Somehow it got a little out of control and grew and grew without me noticing. Changing from a sweet baby afghan to a decent size lap quilt, that likely weighs more than my actual baby!!!! Still love it though!

Then it was Mother's little's were so sweet. Buying me pretty flowers and making sweet cards. This owl was a gift from my hubby and is happily now residing in a tree branch above my tv cabinet.

It was my option to go out for dinner or have dinner made at home for me by him.... i chose dinner at home. Much cozier than a busy restaurant. He made me this wonderful curry chicken salad, that i could literally eat every single day. You can find the recipe here, i most certainly can not take credit for this fabulous dish.

Lastly, what could warm a quilt making momma's heart more than walking into a room to find all three of her babies happily snuggled up under a pile of her quilty creations!!!??? I tell you... there is nothing.

Who could resist this little face, happily whiling away the morning in her sisters lap with her two favorite fingers!

If you are reading this and have gotten all the way to the end, thanks for sticking with me even though this post was a little wordy and definitely picture heavy. Just thanks for being great blog/virtual friends.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bathing Beauty

"Check me out!!!"

"What ?! I am not supposed to be standing? Who says?"

"But sitting is not as much fun!!"

My little ball of chub!!! She had such fun standing in the tub. I was holding her sweet little chin out of the water and the next thing i knew she was rising out of the water, stiff as a board! And would not sit back down. Could not get her to bend for the life of me. So we just finished up with her standing. Guess she has ideas of her own already!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Revisited

My kids could not look less thrilled about sitting to have their pictures taken....

...but they matched and that was the thrill for me! Chris and i matched them too. Chris in a matching plaid with Mitch and i had a soft yellow sweater on.

In their defense, i think the sun was in their faces. :o)

Then we came in to get a few shots of my tiny marshmallow girl!!! She was all fluff and frills for Easter. Click on one of the other pics to get a close up of that bonnet.

Or maybe she looked like a Easter egg...either way we wanted to eat her up she was so cute!!!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

LinkToday is May Day...celebrated in a variety of ways in many places. Today we chose to celebrate by making posies of flowers (the most charming way, we thought!) for our neighbors....


and running!!!!

How i wish all of you, my blog friends, were real neighbors....i promise we would have sent a happy bouquet your way as well.

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