Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...almost

The kids were was raining. Out came the buttons for a lengthy time spent sorting and separating...and using chopsticks to pick them up and move them into a egg carton. How is that for some rainy day fun, and the rainbow effect of it is so appealing to the eye!!!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I wanted to share Easter pictures but my computer has been behaving until i can get those i wanted to show you some recent pictures of Delilah. She is a small girl of many faces!!!

She is so sweet and so wonderful. I am often amazed that we got this lucky! We love this little person.

Right now she is a fan of anything she can put in her mouth....fingers, burp rag, toys, pacifiers, her clothes...anything!

She has just started in the last few weeks to roll over. I could not believe my eyes when one morning i went to her room after a short nap and found that the baby i had put in on its stomach was lying there looking at me on her back. I was shocked!! Now she has managed once to go from back to belly also. Always when i am not looking.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Very Special Day

This week we celebrated Avery's 9th Birthday. How did this happen so quickly? How is it possible that i have a 9 year old daughter?

The weather was beautiful, just as she had prayed for. Though i think the presents were far more exciting.

She is fast turning into a young lady... with her own ideas, opinions and sense of style. I can see that the upcoming years are not going to be without their challenges. :o)

There were many gifts she wanted, mostly American Girl...but the one other thing she asked me for was the chance to hold the baby, while standing. Up to this point Delilah has just been too unsteady. I admit it makes me nervous, but i know i can not put it off forever. So we captured that moment so she would remember it until i let her the next time...whenever that is going to be.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Playing With our Food

Are these guys too cute or what? I was looking around on pinterest yesterday and came across this idea , from this genius woman right before lunch. Perfect timing!!! The best part was Mitchell's reaction....he was so excited. And i really think that this made eating that sandwich much more fun. They were so easy. Make sandwich. Cut wings. Add cucumber eyes and a cheese beak. Done!

Did you make anything fun this week?


Monday, April 4, 2011

Caught Up!!!

It feels so good to have these done finally. Note to self, don't join anymore Bee's that have time limits! Yikes!

I was supposed to have all of these done for the Vintage Sheet Freedom Bee before Delilah was born....4 months ago.Yeah, that never happened.

But she is finally taking a few predictable long naps in a day so i was able to pull out all of the sewing stuff again and get to cracking.

These are so fun and easy to do. There is no measuring or precise cutting involved in most of the process. I just take the fabric and scissors and start cutting strips. They each take on a life of their own and each one is a little different.

Some were harder than others for me. Color was sometimes a challenge and the quantity of fabric i was sent was also sometimes a make sure i had enough to finish was a lot of pressure. But i guess part of the fun is making those things work.

This block in particular was really hard for me....when i opened the package I thought the fabrics were never going to work the end i think it turned out to be my favorite. The challenge for me on that one was to make the color of the pink fabric stand out, not the actual pattern on the fabric.


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