Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life is Full

Life is full of the end of the school year activities!!!

the kids have finished up their first year of gymnastics. They both did so well. I was really impressed with all that they learned.

They are both so proud of the medals and certificates they earned.

Life is full of lots of baby loving!

Our wee baby Delilah is full of giggles and laughs lately. She often just chuckles under her breath at us when we walk in our out of a room. I can hardly believe that she is already almost 6 months old.

She had a lovely time out on the playground the other night with Daddy and the big kids.

I know i go on and on all the time about how cute she is but check out these knees!!! Aren't they awesome!?!

Life is full of quilt and craft plans!!! Always more than i have time for.

Seems like there are an around us awful lot of babies being born, and i really would love to give each one of them a little quilt to say welcome to the world. So it is time to start a new project.

Life is full of homeschool!!

School is almost finished for the year. We had our last group homeschool activity. I have to say that i am just as ready as the kids are to have a little summer vacation. Because of this there has been a lot more playing going on than school. We will finish, but in the meantime Avery has been doing a lot of monkeying around to blow off steam!

What has your life been full of lately?



Colleen said...

Oh, the cheeks! The knees! And I love her in that bonnet. I can't wait to see all of those kids again in July!

jlk said...

There is always so much going on! I love it. Right now I am trying to finish a baby quilt for my soon to be born nephew, and hopefully an I-spy quilt for the big brother.

Grammie/Mom said...

Love seeing the kids. Those dimply knees are so cute!

Laura for the Baillies said...

Have a look over on sweetlife to see pics of our new little one! :) Life is full and soo so sweet! :)

Hideaway Girl said...

Such a busy time of year - this week will be insane at our house. You have such cute kids! I have a 9 year old girl and 6 year old boy as well. Wish I had a cute baby - my baby is 3!

MaryMary said...

Fun, fun. Love the rainbow dress--I'm a bit obsessed with Rainbow colors apparently if my pinterest boards are any indication :)and the leg warmers are tooo cute!

But can the kiddos do a gymnastics handstand off the big rock ledge cliff place over there somewhere at West Point? I don't remember where it is...

Catherine said...

Such a busy life you have and little Delilah is so adorable! Love that last photo hanging on the swing...took me a while to figure it out :)

Elizabeth said...

I love the knees picture! I can't believe how big she is... and the leg warmers look adorable. :) Miss you guys! <3

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