Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Because my Mother Said So

What have we been doing? Lots more than i thought we would be. Somehow despite my best intentions to stay home as much as possible during this over the top shopping season we have been out for some reason or another. All the while wishing we were home.

But, today was an exception to that. Because if you live nearby, a trip into NYC during the christmas season is a must. It is so fun to listen to cheerful, happy christmas blaring from store fronts while people are being rude to one another in the street and horns are honking. Very NY!! The people watching is fun. There are the lights and the pretty storefronts....grand central terminal has a laser light show....there was even a scraggly Santa walking amongst the crowds of people there to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Today we headed to the Central Park Zoo, just to prove to Avery that there is more in NYC than just the american girl store. It was small but very fun. We loved the tropical rainforest bird house, if for nothing more than the chance to warm up, because it was freezing today. My glasses fogged up as soon as we walked in!!!
Chris and the kids had a great time posing as animals in the children's zoo. My favorite is the Avery turtle...she looks stuck but trust me we got her out!
Now of course we did stop by to see the tree and what a tree it was. When you stand right up next to it it is amazing how big it is and it looks so pretty. I had the kids stop so we could get a picture with it and without me realizing it i captured the true essence of my son...see that tongue sticking out? Little stinker!
And this is them winding down on the train ride home....plugged in to our respective game/phone devices. They were completely unphased by me taking a picture, never even flinched or bothered to look up. All in all it was a good day....bought a few gifts....avery got to go to the AG store...had a street hot dog and pretzel. See you next Christmas NYC.
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Colleen said...

I'm jealous. Maybe next year... sigh. Mitchie looks so old in that last picture, and I love the tongue sticking out! The pic of Avery in the turtle reminds me of Julia.

Dolly said...

I think everybody has the picture of Christmas in New York City in their heads.........we've all watched it so much, all our lives, on t.v. and movies.
So glad you got the quintessential photo ! The tree.......and the tongue sticking out !
Tell Avery she looks quite savvy in that scarf !
Have a wonderful Christmas !

Emily said...

Wow...looks like lots and lots of fun! Glad you're enjoying the holidays with your family!

Grammie/Mom said...

Your mother thanks you for your post. Someday I'll get there again for the Christmas season. Anyone remember going with Girl's Club years ago?

MaryMary said...

Christmas in the city....I'm so envious. One of these days you are going to find me right on your doorstep with a suitcase. And probably handcuffs since I would be sneaky to get on post.

leslie said...

NYC is high on my wish list of places to see. someday! thanks for sharing these.

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