Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Vacation

This weekend we went with Chris on a skiing trip to the Adirondack mountains with some of his ski patrolers. It was a really nice getaway for everyone. There was marshmallow roasting over a open fire at the lodge...snow...yummy food...a nice hotel...goofy big kids to hang out with...sledding...skiing...and a lot of lodge momming!

We stayed in Lake George where they were having a winter carnival this weekend. The kids saw this Ice castle and throne and wanted a chance to be the ice king and queen!!!

They skiied at three different mountains over the weekend, West...Gore...and Hickory. For the kids i think the very best part was the tubing at West. I on the other hand have never been so cold. Standing in the shade and on the snow for two hours nearly turned me into a icicle. But the kids had a blast. So much fun that we went back on Sunday morning for another go before we headed back south to home. The mosaic was necessary because there were far too many fun pictures to choose just one or two...just click on it to make the pictures bigger.

Chris was getting his snowboard fix where some of "us" were staying at Hickory. My baby looks good!!! He loves the snow...i used to tell him that if i shook his head i could see snow in his a snow globe.

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Grammie/Mom said...

What a nice weekend for you all. Why didn't you go tubing? I think I would like to try it. The ice sculptures are fun.

Kris said...

Looks like a fun weekend... glad they had enough snow!

Brown Family Blog said...

and here I thought we were having lots of fun in our snow. :O) Looks awesome. I am sure Chris was in heaven.

Colleen said...

Did you just "happen" upon the ice festival the way we seem to happen upon parades?
Looks like lots of fun. I love the tubing collage!

angela said...

That looks like a really fun weekend! The tube tow rope is great - the worst part of sledding is hauling your stuff back to the top!

Dee said...

What a cool "mini" vacation! Pun intended!

We took the boys tubing down a 1,000 ft run. Well, hubby did. I stayed in what the boys affectionately dubbed "The Shack".

Memories like this are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

MaryMary said...

What a fabulous trip! And an expert snowboarder you have there. Love the ice house.

LDH said...

What a fun trip! The mosaics are wonderful, full of exciting winter fun!

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