Friday, January 13, 2012

Hoarding? Addiction?

This post is not nearly as dramatic as i made the title sound!!!

However, i have a confession, i have somewhat of a quilt book addiction, hence i hoard them. So many are new, thanks to my wonderful husband who surprises me with books from my amazon list all of the time. Sweet , wonderful man! There are so many amazing quilts to oogle in these!

It is my grand plan to go through these this weekend and pick some things to make. There are a few i know for sure, from Jelly Babies and Block Party....and a few that are already in the works from Simplicity.

I have also recently overcome my mental block with free motion quilting. I will likely save it for the small more manageable things while i get better at it, but i tried it out...just went for it and loved it.

I had a ah-ha moment when i was getting this table runner ready to quilt. I
realized that when i had tried FMQ before i did not set my stitch length to the shortest i could. Man did that make a difference.

These little bags are the completion of my first money making sewing endeavor. I am relieved that they all are off to their new homes. It felt a little strange to get money for my work!!! But cool too!



Alisa said...

I'm drooling over your book stash!

I've sewn for money a few times. It can be stressful, but the money is nice to throw back into the hobby :-)

jlk said...

Those books are just teeming with possibility!

Grammie/Mom said...

Your bags look very nice.

Those colors in your table runner are some of my favorites!

Elle said...

I like your book stash, too. I have several of the same ones, so I'm guessing we have similar taste. I just picked up Modern Mix during Connecting Threads 40% off book sale (goes through mid-February), and I really love it! Between it and Modern Blocks, it is hard to not jump out of bed and run to the sewing room to start a new project (my sleeping cat and fiancé would prefer I fell back asleep instead so I'm not tired all day)! Alas, my backlog of projects is long, too, so inspiration must wait for a few finishes!
Congrats on making some money from sewing! I hope to do that someday. How did it come about? I've always wondered how people get their early commissions.

angela said...

I just got Scrap Republic and it's fun for inspiration.

Hurray for doing some FMQ - great job. And those ispy bags look great. Was it tricky sewing all that plastic?

Kristen said...

Yeah on the fmq! I just did the same thing and I am going to try to make a ton of small things this year for the hiome and kids.

Mary said...

Yay you! I wish I got money for something more fun than what I get money for. ;) Those are adorable and I think I've picked up some of the same books before reminding myself I only get the quilting bug once a year! :)

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