Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Sun Tea

I occasionally get something in my CSA farm box that makes me wonder to myself...."What on earth am i going to do with this?". Yup, that is exactly what i thought when i saw the bouquet of mini daisies in my box. I thought that it was nice of them to give us flowers.....

Come to find out that they are chamomile flowers. They smell sweet and like honey. So i got to googling and somewhere came across the idea to make chamomile sun tea. Brilliant! Cause what else was i going to use them for. Then i had to wait nearly a week for a sunny day.

When it was all brewed and strained and sweetened was the best chamomile tea i have ever had. I wonder what strange things i will get in my next box?


Monday, June 27, 2011

Modern Monday Finish

This is my first time linking up to Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations. Today i am sharing a baby quilt that i just finished for a good friend and neighbor. I was able to give it to her this afternoon and she loved it(yeah!!!)

I don't usually name my quilts but my 9 year old looked at it and dubbed it the circus quilt. It stuck!! I am going with it. She was also my quilt holder for the photo shoot and she was my design assistant when it was time to lay out all the blocks. She might be 9 but the girl has a good eye.

This was the first time i have used the Yellow Brick Road pattern from Atkinson designs. I was so pleased with how easy it was to follow and how versatile it can be. Plus you can make it in all kinds of sizes, so it really can be whatever you want. I wanted to make this all from my stash, and i was so pleased that it cooperated. I was able to use several vintage reproduction fabrics(my fave!), polka dots(a must) and some yardage i had from IKEA(hippos).

Take some time and go see what the other ladies have made this week. There is so much inspiration to be shared, and lots of pretty things to look at.

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Be sure to check out the awesome giveaway she is having as well.....ROYGBIV is my favorite! i am also adding this to this weeks we did it at Sew Much Ado blog


Monday, June 20, 2011

Barn Quilt Block

I have my supplies all ready to go for the Modern Barn Quilt Block Paint Along over at Olive and Ollie.

I was so intrigued when i read her initial post on much so that i wanted to make one for myself from her tutorial even before she decided to make it a paint a long.

I am excited to make what i love but in such a different way!! There is even a flickr group to join in and share your blocks! Go and check it out!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Fun

I have been trying to collect ideas and put things together so that we could have a fun summer that does not include the words, "I'm Bored!". No mom wants to hear those words.

Here is the first of the projects.

Is this not the coolest sprinkler ever?

My kids don't like the kind that shoot at you but this spray mist is awesome. Mitchell ran and ran through it....fully clothed as you can see. Chris is awesome. He put this together in no time flat. Seriously in about a half hour.

We found the awesome directions for this at Instructables. We are already planning on having a neighborhood bike wash. A few buckets of soapy water, sponges and of course ice pops for everyone, and we have an awesome summer afternoon of fun with our friends.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Finish

I did it...finished the vintage primaries!!!

This pattern was so easy to use and came together so fast! It is a pattern called Wickedly Easy Quilts. So true!

It was a stash buster for sure. Yet even though it came together fast it was not without a few kinks. Seems like even when you have been quilting for awhile(i am not claiming to be a seasoned veteran here at all) there is still so so much room for error...which creates more room to learn. The process is about growing right?!?

I am not one to repeat a pattern, i like variety(or maybe i get bored quickly), but this is the second time i have made this one(see my first here) and i can see me making it many more times. Perhaps in the near future. If you look at my first you will see that this one provides variety every time you make it.
I love that!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vintage Primaries

It is so nice to be sewing and having time to sew. I finally took out all of my quilting stuff, and spread out all over my kitchen table.

There seem to be a abundance of babies being born to many of my friends...close and far away. So i started making the fabric stacks to see what i could come up with.

My stash of vintage reproduction fabrics did not disappoint me. I was able to make almost two so far form what i have in my stash! A little stash busting is good for the fabric closet!

I seem to be being drawn to very primary bold colors at the moment. Here is a little sneaky peak of what i am working with right now. I hope that the new owners of these quilts will like them as much as i do.

Aren't scrap piles so pretty?

It is a small visual reminder to me of the work i am getting done. It feels good to be excited about a project again...looking forward to how it grows and changes with each step. Maybe tomorrow i will have a few more pictures to share of the second top.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

...better late than never!...


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Everyday Should Be a Pie Day

Wouldn't that be awesome....? Daily Pie!!

Start with a little homemade cream cheese pie crust.

Add in this perfect mix of strawberries and rhubarb!

Cover in delicious, buttery crumb topping.

Now bake!

I snuck a little taste of all that berry yumminess when it first came out of the oven and i think it was quite possible the best thing i had ever tasted!

But the best part was presenting it to my sweet husband as a offering for our 11th Anniversary, which we celebrated yesterday.

Can you tell that it was well liked? I had never made it before, but upon tasting it he promptly moved it to the top 5 list of amazing foods i his opinion.

How about i share the recipe with you? So you can have a slice of the amazing summery pie!!

Thanks Dana for inspiring me, and helping me with a few quick directions!!!

Anniversary Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

pie crust:

2 sticks Butter, room temp
1 pkg. Cream Cheese, room temp
1 t. Vanilla
2 1/3 c Flour
1/3 c Confectioners Sugar

mix all together well in mixer. Separate into 2 balls. Flatten into discs. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 30 minutes before using. Second disc can be frozen and defrosted at another time for another pie. (this crust can also be used for savory dishes, just omit the conf. sugar.)


3 c Strawberry, sliced
5-6 stalks Rhubarb, sliced
2/3 c. Sugar
3 T. Cornstarch

mix all in bowl to combine. Will become juicy and thicken as it sets.


1 stick Butter
1 c. Flour
1/2 c. Brown Sugar

mix flour and sugar with cold butter to make a crumb texture.

Heat your oven to 400. Now that you have all the parts ready. slightly roll out the dough. Does not need to be perfect. this is the rustic plan. place in pie plate and press in the bottom and up sides as evenly as possible. Now pour in the fruit mixture and top with crumb topping. Place the pie on a baking sheet with sides and bake for 50-60 minutes. Until your crust is becoming golden as well as the crumb top. Your fruit filling should be bubbling up.

Eat this and enjoy it as much as we did!!!!! It is excellent warm but just as good cold.

adapted from this recipe.

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