Tuesday, January 12, 2010

School Crafts

Crafts are probably the biggest highlight of school. i am bigtime guilty of not doing them enough, but i confess i just don't like the mess.

We had tried a new/different history curriculum at the start of the year but it just never caught on with us. It was boring and we all knew it. So as January came around I was beginning to re-evaluate what we were doing and what we were going to use. So i pulled out old faithful, Story of the World. I want to order the next book, but while we are waiting on that i went ahead and picked a lesson that we did not complete last year.
The chapter was on the rise of Christianity...and the craft project was to make mosaic crosses. What i enjoy about this book(Story of the World) is that it gives you a variety of crafts and projects to choose from that you can select based on what you have and the age of your children. Since i did not have grout and caulk and tiles lying around to make real mosaics, i went ahead and used the cardboard and pretty paper version.
I pulled out some scrabook paper scraps and the glue, scissors and cardboard and we got to creating. They had fun and did such a great job. I loved how Avery cut her pieces up into little triangles and fit them all together.

Oh homeschool, it is ever changing. that is part of the beauty and aggravation.
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Rosabela said...

What a great project! I used to love crafts back in grade school. :-)

Your kids did a great job!

Colleen said...

Crafts are good for keeping kids occupied for long periods of time and that always makes me happy.

why not sew? said...

This is a great craft idea. As a fellow homeschool mom I know how important and how much fun they are for the kids. We use the Heritage Studies books from Bob Jones University Press but I always seem to be at the library looking for books to supplement our studies. Not sure what we are going to use for the next school year.

Dee said...

We aren't doing science at home for the same reason you don't do a lot of crafts! LOL The space they take up and the mess are my biggest pet peeves.

Hubby didn't want dead things in the freezer (why not? I get them in the wash all the time!) and I respect that. LOL

The crosses are awesome. Isn't it neat to see each of our children's personalities and talents come through what they invest their time in. Thanks for sharing your craft with us.

Hang in there mom, you're doing the right thing!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Looks like great fun!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

What sweet memories you are making with that lil one~

MaryMary said...

Wow, homeschooling requires such discipline to plan and execute. Kudos to you.

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