Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Here are my kiddo's in all their halloween glory. Bad picture since we had to do them inside. It was pretty rainy. Mitchell was Ham from the recent movie, Space Chimps and Avery was a 50's their a name for this? She saw this outfit at the store and loved it. She looked so adorable.
Since it was a rainy and cold morning saturday I thought, why not start the fun with a batch of my mom's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Warm things up a little. I had never made them before...but i will again. They were so yummy.
Chris helped the kids make a plan and then walked them through the steps to carve their own pumpkins this year. Cause i don't know about anyone else but we always ended up doing it. This time the kids did a great job...daddy did help but not too much. Look how hard Mitch is concentrating. He has the thinking tongue out. :o)
Avery was working really hard scraping out the junk on the inside. SHe thought it was "totally" gross and wanted to have no part of it. Mitch on the other hand thought that was the coolest and grossest part of the whole thing. He revelled in every second of squishing it through his fingers. You can see by Avery's face what she tought of it all.
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Colleen said...

They were so yummy? So you liked the cookies? Cool.

The costumes are great! Avery looked very pretty and Mitchie looked pretty awesome.

Grammie/Mom said... mother, like daughter. She doesn't like to touch the icky stuff either?! I'll have to get some chips and make a passel of these goodies. Well, the kids costumes look great. Avery's fit well.

Colleen said...

Ok, what mitchell is doing is the same thing that I was doing. I was playing in the pumpkin guts. And I love the pumpkin cookies. :D Julia

The Tripp Family said...

that's hilarious! Joshua think it's pretty funny too. He just said "he's making dinner! that silly boy." He also squealed with delight when he saw Mitchell's 'racecar'

Elizabeth said...

avery and mitchell - I loved your costumes!
Leslie - you've never made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies before? I think I started to salivate when I saw the picture of them. Now I feel the urge to make them lol.

word is actually a word ~ hydro

MaryMary said...

That bottom picture is so classic...their expressions say so much!

Brown Family Blog said...

cute! Their faces make me smile.

Frank/Sue said...

I remember Halloween in New York was usually cold and rainy, My Mom always fixed us Chili and crackers for dinner. Mitch, looks like you are enjoying yourself and Avery, just let Mitch clean yours out next year. Your Halloween costumes were great! Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

I adore the Planet of the Apes costume!

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