Saturday, November 21, 2009

Picnic Nature Study

We had a chance to go to the river yesterday with our friends. We brought along a picnic and had a fun time exploring things.
The kids were very intent on a little sticky, egg case or seed pod...something. It looked pretty gross to me but the kids thought it was very cool. Mitchell sketched it and Avery wrote down as many facts as she could about it. While O got up close and personal with the magnifying lens to see if she could figure it out.

The river was beautiful....i love the clouds, all gray and dark!!!

i think J was loving the cracker. She had it all over her face as proof.
Is this face cute or what? E was telling me all about the boat that we were watching on the river. And he meant every word of it.
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angela said...

I and the kids love being outside. Becket always wants to "hike". They find the most interesting stuff!

MLE said...

What a fun day! Your kids are always on some sort of adventure...lucky kiddos!

MaryMary said...

Awww--looks like you are having fun.

Dee said...

Thank you for sharing this little bit of your world with us.

beth said...

I loved sharing your day with you via pictures! I liked E's picture!...he looks like he knows ALL about that boat!! too cute!

Catherine Anne said...

LOVE this post!!!!

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