Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Faux Breakfast Treats

We have been occupied today, getting July blogging off to a busy start!!!
When Avery was a baby she loved nutri-grain bars. But as time has gone by, her interest in such things faded. And my eyes were opened to how bad things like hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup were, among other things. I won't quite get on the soap box at the moment. For some reason those bars came up, and i said we don't get them anymore because they are full of yuck. Avery had a big idea and she thought that it would be no problem for me to make them from scratch. This is my endeavor. A recipe was easier to come up with than i thought, and i had all the ingredients in the house already.***let me set the record straight here. It was not my intention to make it sound like i made up that recipe. I did not even realize that it did until i was mistakenly complimented on it. Although i am flattered, I found the recipe here.*** Ave helped me mix them up this morning, we did a half batch, and they were so yummy. But, truthfully they are more like a cookie than a cereal bar. And although they may not be low in fat, i feel better knowing that the ingredients were mostly good, and whole and there were no additives and preservatives. Soap box again...sorry.
Faux Nutri-grain Bars

1 c. Butter, softened
1 c. Brown Sugar
1 c. Whole Wheat Flour
1 c. All purpose Flour
1 1/2 c. Oats
16 oz. Strawberry Jam
1 t. Almond extract

Cream butter and sugar and extract. Add dry ingredients. Mix well. I chose to use a whole wheat/unbleached white flour 50/50 mix. Press half the crumb mix in a greased 13x9 pan. Spread with jam(there went the first jar i mad last month). Sprinkle with remaining crumb mixture and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Cool and but into bars.
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Brown Family Blog said...

Hmm...that looks yummy...I may have to go make those right now.

Oh I forgot to post the pics of the lemon bars...I will do that soon.

Brown Family Blog said...

BTW- what a lovely family you have there on your refrigerator...the one in sepia. ;o)

MaryMary said...

Additives, preservatives and hfco are evil. Those look fabulously yummy. You are quite talented to come up with that recipe on your own!

Kate said...

MMMMM those look YUMMY!!!! I love that Avery likes helping you in the kitchen. she's becoming quite a helper in there.

Leslie said...

oh no my friend, i am very flattered but i surfed around and found a recipe on some vague recipe sight somewhere.

Grammie/Mom said...

Next visit, will you make them for us Avery? You do have great ideas my smart little cookie!

Colleen said...

I always thought that Nutri grain bars smelled gross. I mean really and truly gaggingly gross. I'm sure Avery's actually smelled and tasted wonderful.

The Tripp Family said...

I'm having so much fun reading! Zoe's nursing right now, so I think my reading time is drawing to a close. I have been bookmarking your fun recipes in my recipe folder and can't wait to try some (I am the only non-picky eater in the house, this may be tricky). We do broccoli smoothies in the morning, every morning, for Joshua. The only other veggie he'll eat are frozen peas and corn on the cob.

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