Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rainy Day Fun...For Everyone!

It has been pouring down rain all day long...and any mom knows that that is a recipe for disaster. The kids were bored and starting to get on each others nerves, so i brought out the bean table. We don't use it often so it was worth a good 45 minutes of happy and quiet play together. I even heard them in there pretending to be Jamie Oliver the chef from Jamie at Home. He is Avery's favorite. The girl has good taste. The bucket is just a decent sized rubbermaid full of mini pots and pans and they cook, cook and cook until the fun is over. When we are bored with the beans i also have a bucket of multi shapes and colors of pasta that we can change it out for. It was also enough time for me to have a little mommy rainy day fun. I got a chance to sew up one of the projects we have progressively been working on this week.
I say progressively because the project required me to go and buy some fabric markers and let the kids pick out fabric they liked(which incidentally ended up coordinating). Then we spent a little time a few evenings ago coloring pictures on fabric. The kids did a fantastic job. I was not sure if i was going to get masterpieces or if i was going to get scribble scrabble. I was pleasantly surprised to get beautiful drawings from both of the kids. With all of this we were going to make our own little placemat's like i had seen on a sight called Let's Explore. It is full of great easy ideas to keep the kiddo's busy.
Here is the end result...i cut and sewed them up while they were busy with the beans! Thank goodness for the beans!!! Avery was so excited when they were done to see her masterpiece turned into a little window of time. They will only be this big once and now i have a memento of them that will hopefully last us a lifetime. Avery's is us as a fairy family in a field of sunflowers and Mitchie made a snowman and wrote his name.They were intended to be for eating....but i just cringe a little at letting that happen. So i was relieved when Avery asked if we could hang it on the wall somewhere to enjoy so that we did not get it all dirty with food. That is my girl!!!
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Jenn Maruska said...

Oh - those are fantastic! How sweet!

And the bean and pasta boxes... what a great idea.

Laura, for the Baillies said...

tell the kids those are beautiful!!

MaryMary said...

I LOVE those! I may start popping out babies soon just to make they work with crazy cat paw prints? ;)

Leslie said...

i am sure it would work if you could get the kitty to let you color on her paw first.

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