Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Mess

We are almost ready to start our school year...Avery will be in the 2nd grade and Mitchell will be doing kindergarten. I have been feeling like starting for some time now but have put it off until we get past Mitchell's birthday. Despite my feeling ready, my school stuff is not even close.
I pulled everything down off the shelves and tried to reorganize...tidy up...find what we need...see what we have that i have forgotten about. I better get ordering and get organized because Sept. 14th is going to be upon us before we know it. I still don't have half of the schoolbooks we are planning on using.
There was way more on those shelves and in those cabinets than i thought there was. My sister has homeschooled 4 and has a ton of books and school paraphernalia on lots of shelves....i did not understand until i started homeschooling how quickly it all could multiply. Between K and 2 grade with Avery i have gone from one shelf to 2...i am thinking we are getting dangerously close to three....but where will i put it? Do any of you other moms out there have some good tips for me on keeping things organized?
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Colleen said...

I'm antsy to start school as well. But the last week or so of summer has gotten busy. Beth here for the weekend and Kimmie is stopping by on the 13th! I haven't seen her in many many years!

susan said...

i think its hard when you have multiples schooling, because you want to keep the stuff for the next kid. i would say if you can put some away that you arent using, do it, otherwise, get a bigger shelf!!!!
im sad this year, i homeschooled my daughter until this year. she is going to a private school for 11th grade, and when i dropped her off i felt like dropping off a kindergardener. of course i cried. :o( good luck with this year!

Brown Family Blog said...

oh! Are those the surprise shelves that arrived when we were on the phone awhile ago?

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