Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We recently got to spend some extra quality time with our niece/cousin, Olivia. She is fun to have around. We had forgotten what it was like to have a little baby in the house. She quickly becomes the center of attention.
She is such a fun age. Everything is new and exciting. You can see the wheels turning as she soaks up every little thing like a sponge.
Her little face lights up when she smiles! Aunt Colleen has been dying for these pictures. I put her in my kitchen sink for a bath, and as you can see she is a splasher. When all was said and done, and she was finally clean there was a puddle half way across my kitchen. But the mess was small compared to how much we were enjoying her.
Sadly, for us, we had to say goodbye tonight. She and her momma, my sister, are moving to AZ. There were quite a few tears on the way home tonight, mine and Avery's. Mitchell was the designated hand holder. The kids are even sleeping in my bed tonight...they needed a little extra cozy time. We will miss her desperately.
My house is not really baby equipped at this point. The baby toys have long since been packed into boxes and stored away. So, i just make do with what we do have. Pots and pans were a big hit. She sat for hours just stirring and putting things in and out. She also loved the sticks and rocks on the nature table. And her face when she discovered a handful of bubbles from my dishes was priceless.
We love her. Can you tell? Does it get any cuter than this...a chubby baby in a baby bikini? Oh that face.
We love you and miss you already
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angela said...

Oh so sweet. I would miss her, too!

Colleen said...

What funny and wonderful pictures! Thank you, Leslie.
I'm looking forward to seeing her as they pass through on the way to AZ. Now to go baby proof!

susan said...

how sad. my niece is planning on moving to colorado to be by her sister next year, and i dont even want to think about it. your niece is a doll, and that wee bikini is just too too cute! i think my fave pic of her tho is the last sinktub one. she sure is a sweetie
sending you happy thoughts

Kate said...

These pictures are too cute. I'm gonna miss her tons. it will definitely be a change not waking up to her in the morning.

MaryMary said...

Such cute pics...nieces are so fun!

Brown Family Blog said...

:O( hugs....

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