Monday, September 14, 2009

Ringing in the new School Year

Today was our official first day of school and i am thrilled to report that we all made it through, and we got all of our planned work done too!!!
We made sure to dress nice and brush our hair for a little first day photo shoot. I wanted to be sure that i started to make a point of documenting their school years in pictures. I am not sure that i have been so good about that with Avery's last two years...and since i am not sure that probably means i did not take a picture to save the moment for all of time.
silly brother and sister!!
Since Mitchie turned 5 this weekend, today was his first day of Kindergarten. I think we did good. I had encountered all the glitches with him that i thought i would....his need for first time perfection, inability to sit still and failure to willingly take instruction. Not a great combo huh? But we are going to work with it, because we have to. I got some pointers on teaching little boys form some other homeschool moms tonight that i think i am going to have to put into a mini trampoline, maybe!
Avery began 2nd grade. I think she was hesitant at first but she did awesome. She got all her work done with me and independently. She had a lot of fun, i think. I was so pleased with her handwriting in particular!!!
For school recess we needed to get a little energy out so i sent the kids to the playground where i had them run laps, spelling things for me every time they passed letter at a time.

I hope there are great things to come for our school year. Once we get through the hard first few weeks and get in our groove, i think we will be good.
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Colleen said...

Great pics as usual. Such cuties. When Kimmie was here Julia stopped in mid-sentence and said, "Wait... what grade am I in?" It's a homeschool thing.

Teri said...

Yay!! I was just thinking about the whole picture thing too. Seeing all my friends "first day of school photos" I realized I haven't been too good about it either. But as a rule, you and I take tons of photos through the year, that counts for something right?! I am hoping it does, and they will forgive us our first couple of years of failure! :)

On another note, the mini trampoline was a suggestion from a friend of mine recently and I honestly think it is going on the Christmas list this year!! I think both my kids really need it. We don't get nearly enough exercise, and concentration is always an issue! I'm hoping it will be a helpful addition too.

Jonelle Yates said...

YEAH!! Did you get my card from hallmark? Hope you have a good 2nd day!

The Tripp Family said...

I forgot my first day of preschool photos this year :( I think that would be a very hard part of homeschooling for me... actually starting the year. That, and getting going in the morning when the kiddos don't have to catch a bus. BTW, Happy Birthday Mitch!!! I remember seeing baby pictures when I ran into Chris in Aghanistan. I almost fainted when I realized that that was 5 years ago!!!!!

Brown Family Blog said...

Oh it happens so quickly....great photos by the way.

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