Thursday, June 26, 2008

Farm Day

Every week when we go to the farm to pick up our farm share box we make a visit to the goats. They have three very nice, pretty goats. Last week after we had come home Mitch wanted to know if he could see them milk the, we checked with the farmers and they told us they were milked at 6 and 6 and that we were welcome to come and see. We planned our veg box pick up for the same time they milk
Farmer Brian was so kind and gracious to ask Mitchell to help him milk the goats. I was very proud of Mitch. He sat right down and listened carefully to the instructions, and then he did it, he got milk on the first try. **I have to come back and add in here a funny Mitchell comment. When Farmer Brian was preparing the goat for milking Mitchell wanted to know, "Why do you have to clean her 'gutters'?"**
Avery also a found a friend and an animal she was interested in. As you can see it was not the goats. Farmer Brian asked her if she wanted to help milk too but she said no. I think she probably wanted to do it but was too shy to say so and take a turn. So she sat with their dog in the hay and they got to know one another.
We also fed the chickens today. We were told when we first went to the farm that they like grapes, so the kids saved some of their snack grapes from the ride there and fed them to these lovely chickens when we finished milking.

here is what we got in this weeks box. Beets(going to juice those), arugula, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash(saute with onions), scallions, sage(maybe dry) and eggs.


MaryMary said...

Was the farm trip also the weekly field trip? You are brave to juice beets...I love them but they scare me. I've been known to have beet cravings at like 11:00 at's odd. Can't wait to see what you make with everything!

It's so cool that the munchkins are learning how to appreciate real food and food sources.

Grammie/Mom said...

I really like the pictures with the kids--Mitch milking the cow and Avery w/the dog. Your veg. box seems very usable. That is a box I could use up. It seems you've done a good job every week coming up w/dishes to use up your produce.

Brown Family Blog said...

Love it, Les! I will come up with some recipes for you this afternoon. I am heading to the outlets this morning to see Elizabeth and Bayleigh (yay) so I will do it this afternoon. Sorry I didnt call last night. Didnt leave my show until 10:30 and didnt want to call if it was too late.

Oh those green onions...great in stir frys.

I think I have a recipe for sage chicken but I will look to see if I have a meatless recipe for you.

she travels said...

Hey Leslie! I was actually going to write you, but thought you wouldn't remember me either. I can't believe how big Avery is..she's adorable. I still have some random pix of when we were hanging out with Sarah at the farm house.I love your're so crafty..I want you to teach me how to cook! ;) I love the Haka by the way, I can't help it, it's just fun and manly.. :) I saw it first on that movie whale rider, and then saw a rugby game and the all blacks did it. So how does your son know it..I'd like to see that! NZ is beautiful so far. I'll try my best to keep up with this page so you can read my stories, and see the pix. Great to hear from you!

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