Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun at the Farm

Sunday we were able to go to the farm and meet the farmers who are supplying our vegetables this summer. We joined a CSA (community supported agriculture, for those who may not be familiar with that acronym) back in March. This farm has 300 plus members and has 150 acres to farm naturally. We received a invitation this week to meet the farmers and tour the farm. We were all pretty excited to go. It is beautiful there. Quiet and peaceful, down a long winding country road, past a waterfall and several other little farms. Idyllic! We really felt that getting local produce and supporting a local farm this way was a step in the right direction for us. I think we were right. We get our first box this week. I am excited and nervous. Imagine all the things we might have in there every week, that we maybe have not heard of before or have at least not cooked with before. But maybe the kids will have a new favorite vegetable because of this. Even if they don't i am certain that they will have lots of wonderful farm experiences there this summer. The farm really encourages families to come and visit, maybe have a picnic...which i am sure we will get to do more than once since we will be there once a week at the least. We also have the opportunity to help on the farm, either with weeding, harvesting or making the prepared vegetable boxes. Chris is most excited about the working part of this. The kids are really excited to feed the chickens and visit the goats. Yesterday we watched the kids play in the water for awhile, but Chris could not stand it, he had to take his shoes and socks off and get right in there with them. That is when they found the little "crawdad". Cute little guy, huh? I love the picture of Avery and Mitch walking down that dirt road. You can see he had a great time in the water by the wet pants. He kept forgetting to bend, not squat, in the water. Silly baby.

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Brown Family Blog said...

Love it Leslie! Wish I could be there or you here to do things like that together!

MaryMary said...

How lucky you are...that looks like so much fun. Are you guys living in the same area of NY or are you more upstate now? What a fun family activity.

I wish I could do something like that, but alas, I am too lazy to drive an hour to the closest pick up point.

Leslie said...

wow an hour to the closest pick up is way too far. We are living much further north now and once you leave the city limits where we live it is very, very rural and lots of farm country.

The Bits - Both Food and Software said...

Leslie: I'm also a member of the CSA. I linked over to you from Justine's post.

I plan on blogging our share and what we eat with it this summer.

We'll see how I do ;)

Joe Esposito
joe at j dash

Grammie/Mom said...

I'm just sorry I missed the fun. I'm packing sneakers next trip, just in case. I'm glad the kids liked it. Make sure you post some pics when your veggies get picked up.

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