Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Different They Are

Nothing shows how different my two babies are than putting them in the middle of a crowd of people. Avery is shy, hesitant and reserved. I almost had to push her on to the dance floor. Mitchell is loud, funny and willing to talk to anyone. He got those shoes on and ran right into the middle of everything. I sympathize with Avery. That is how i am. Mitch is like Chris, everyone loves him.
So you might imagine that starting dance class tonight was very a very different experience for both of them. But they both did so well. Excelling in their own areas. For Avery it was is more calm and quiet activity, smoother and more graceful. More her pace. Where the busy, loud, fast tap class was definitely Mitchie's bag!
This is not to say that they both did not do well in both things because they did. I was so proud and they were so cute you could just eat them up with a spoon. As usual that Mitch was a hit, being that he was the only boy in dance class...there was one other little man but he only spoke chinese and cried the whole time. Not sure he will be there very long.
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Grammie/Mom said...

OH MY GOSH!!! They are absolutely adorable!! Can you take any videos during their classes? I'd love to see that. Give them some hugs from Grammie.

Elizabeth said...

HOW CUTE! I love that they are both great in both, but it makes sense the Mitch would excel in tap and Avery in ballet... It fits them. And they both look like they are having a great time!!! :)

MaryMary said...

It's so great to let them pick their passions and let them be different. They look so adorable--I'm sad that I've never met your kiddos.

Brown Family Blog said...

oh my yummy goodness! I could eat Mitchie up!!!! His life shines through! And Avery is such a beautful sweet little girl. I miss them.

Kate said...

aww... Mitchie looks so cute in dance. And Avery looks so adorable in ballet. it suits her well

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