Monday, January 19, 2009

Catching up with our Life

We have been trying so hard to get our life back on track. To finish a day of school and really feel like we have accomplished get something unpacked(still) around the house...clean something(always)...and just to be together.
One of the new things we are trying out is called the Book of Days. It is put together by a wonderful mom and blogger at Blue Yonder. It encourages you to sit down and do something together as a family. It has experiments, crafts, reading, recipes and lots of other things to get the kids and parents engaged in something together. This night we tried the snowflake drawing activity. Everyone participated, and we had so much fun. Mitch, we lost him quickly to cutting the papers up instead of drawing on them but Avery did an awesome job and even made up a few of her own.
And then we got a surprise. I don't even know how it started. We were sitting at the table together and I think mitch was looking at shape flashcards and told Chris what one of the words on the cards was. So confident that Chris and i were we got out the Bob books. He knew every letter sound and then he sounded out those cards and he read a book. My baby read a book.
He was so pround of himself. And it was easy....he wanted to do it and it seemed to be so natural for him. We have not started Kindergarten yet but he is learning so much!! pays off to sit in and around when big sister is doing lessons.
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Blue Yonder said...

YAY!!!! First, big huge congrats to Mitch! What a guy!
You must be so proud of him. There is just nothing in the world like that moment... when your child takes his first steps into reading, is there?

Second... this just makes me so. very. happy to see your family together, slowing down, creating and spending time with each other with our book. It's exactly what we hoped for.

I hope your day (night!) is as blessed as you have made mine!

Brown Family Blog said...

Success as a homeschooler!!!! Good job Mitch. This foxy lady is proud of you! And I am proud of you too, Lez!

hashbrowns said...

Way to go, little man! And dear friend- we hasbrowns would have loved sitting at your table drawing snowflakes with you. What a sweet evening for your family. You inspire me.

Grammie/Mom said...

To Mitchell we say...Hip, Hip Hurrah! We can tell how pleased he is by his face. He'll have to read it to me Friday night. Is that a plan Mitch? Avery, your snowflakes are very pretty. I want to see them when I come over.

Colleen said...

Go, Mitchie... Super Reader!

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