Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mitchie's Lesson

Who knows what were thinking, but at the end of the day we decided to take the kids up to the ski hill so Avery could get a little practice and Mitch could have his first Daddy lesson.
It was cold and windy and mommy was the only one that was not all geared up. It was cold like i could not feel my fingers cold and i can not feel my legs cold. But they were excited and ready. can't let a little cold stop us!
Mitchie was excited. He was yelling and whooping all the way out there. He clicked on that first ski and was ready to follow daddy like a little snow chick.
Avery made one or two short "glides" down the hill before she had enough for the night. SHe was more interested in sledding. More on that in a minute!
Daddy and Mitch practiced a few new skills
They used a kiddie ski harness to help the end i am not sure if it helped or hindered.

Chris took Mitch half way up the small hill on the tow rope. I was inside with Avery warming up so i missed out on how much fun that must have been. :o) As for the sledding. Avery headed up the hill with sled in hand, i tried getting her to stop part way up but either she did not hear me or did not want to stop. She rocketed down the hill....she lost her boots half way down...i tried to grab her but she was going to fast(i think i hit her in the back of the head instead)....i was running and shouting to her to bail, but she could not hear me over her own screams of terror. I was just hoping she would not shoot under the safety fence and end up in the creek. All this to say that on ski lesson day two, Mommy was the only one that got hurt. I was trying to save Avery from impending doom and wrenched my arm in the attempted grab. Irony, since i am the only one that does not ski.
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Grammie/Mom said...

Oh my gosh Leslie!!! How bad is your arm? Well, did Avery "enjoy" her ride down the hill? Mitch had a good time, right? It looks like it in the pictures.

Leslie said...

mom, the arm is sore...and i adjusted the blog to make it clear that she was screaming in total terror. she did not like it one bit. Mitch had a great time

MaryMary said...

How fun!! Except for Avery's ride of terror. Where are you guys skiing?

Colleen said...

Oooh, it hurts... I'm laughing so hard. I know it wasn't funny at the time, but ooooohh.

Leslie said...

we are skiing right here at our own local ski slope

Brown Family Blog said...

Glad Avery wasnt hurt...sorry you were though. :o( I am sure Chris was in his glory having his kiddos out there with him!

Brown Family Blog said...

BTW- the falling snow is so appropriate for your blog entries!

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