Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

We got a lot of snow....last week it snowed and snowed and snowed for days. i do not recall ever seeing it like this here before. On the last morning of the storm, when i woke up, i went to peek out the blinds to see what had really came down....i was a little afraid to look and i was shocked by what i saw. Not only was there a ton of it but it was beautiful!!! clinging to the trees and fences, and everything really.
We got nearly 3 feet, and on the last night of the storm the winds blew and made drifts in some spots that were even higher. When Chris was done shoveling the driveway, I could look out the front window and there was snow piled up about a 1/4 of the way up from the windowsill.
The kids played despite the effort. I don't know how they walked in it because it was in some places deeper than Mitchell. I went out on a rescue mission when Mitchell lost his boot and glove in the snow, and i was walking in snow that came to my mid thigh. Crazy!!! He insisted on being carried home. I did not want to but i really did not blame him. so i threw him over my shoulder, fireman carry style, and tried to keep us both upright on the way home.
Avery is just like Chris, she could stay out in it for days...jumping in it, making snow angels, digging paths...does not matter as long as she can be in the snow. It was funny to watch her make snow seats all along the path i had dug them through the backyard so that it was easier to get to the door to get in.

We have been singing this song for days!!!
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Alisa said...

That is ALOT of snow! I'm glad your kids are enjoying it. This year we aren't getting a whole lot of it (only a few days of snow on the ground.)

Ruby said...

I have snow pictures on my blog too! It's an older post. Funny how folks from the south(ME) think you have snow every year. We got 6 inches and are expecting flurries on Wed. Hoping it doesn't stick!! I really feel for those who have lost power or can not get to where they need to be. Stay warm.

Colleen said...

Wow! I love how happy Avery looks! Have fun in the snow!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh!!! So. much. snow!! Your kids are totally having a blast!

Deb said...

I have never seen snow like that... it's truly amazing. We think we have a lot of snow if we have four inches!! lol Um are you sick of it yet??

Brown Family Blog said...

We watch that EVERY Christmas Eve! Eli even sings it! How fun and how Little House on the Prairie-ish!

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