Thursday, March 25, 2010

What we were up to Today

Our homeschool has not come up lately on the blog...but we are still here plugging along. We have been using random things to fill our history quota for the year. i never found something that i was totally in love with but, anyway, i digress...

today we revisited last years curriculum, Story of the World, and picked up at a random lesson and went for it! it was about the fall of Rome and the Celtic rebellion in Britain against said Romans. The lesson came complete with project/craft ideas and food suggestions.

The book suggested drawing our own Celtic knots. I originally was going to try to make some kind of banner with Celtic knot designs because i automatically went into 'how can i put this on fabric mode?'. But then it occurred to me, as i was running out of time before dinner, that i could make this easier on myself. Fabric markers plus inexpensive IKEA napkins equals new Celtic knot napkins/place mats for our feast!

We made a quick run to the grocery store to get some Celtic feast food....bread, chicken, berries and wine. Don't worry it is just sparkling grape juice. One rule, those barbaric Celts did not eat with utensils, so neither would we. Avery and Mitchell were beyond thrilled...i was purposely going to let them eat with their hands!!! it is the simple things.

These are the homeschool lessons that i enjoy the most but that don't come around nearly enough.
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de'viandWEAR workshop finery said...

can be done on t-shirts????

de'viandWEAR workshop finery said...

can be done on t-shirts

Dee said...

Wow! What fun! We just watched a History Channel program on 13 Decisive Battles and there were several in there on Roman armies and their enemies. Very cool stuff.

You're an awesome mother! The table probably looks a lot better than the barbarian hoard's too!

Thanks for sharing this! I love homeschooling, don't you!

why not sew? said...

That looks like lots of fun!

T.J. said...

oooh, what fun! I used to love being able to eat with just my hands during special moments as a kid. Love all the Celtic spread around- I still have a St Patty's Day message on the answering machine, so it's super cool in my book that you chose to do this lesson during the lovely month of March :)
have a great weekend!

Jonelle Yates said...

I'm back!!!! Don't you love SOTW!!! I've missed it this year, so next year we're doing it again! Can't wait! Hope you guys are doing well.


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