Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Animals

ps...(i know it is added at the top not the bottom), but this emu was after chris and the camera. It was angry and wanted to bite him...and did you know that they make this awful deep growling noise that makes them even more intimidating than their size already made them.
If you are interested, these are some of the other animals we saw today...see my previous post. This was the baby camel. Very sweet, long eyelashes.
Avery and Mitchell got to feed this monkey a treat...he reached out and grabbed with his tail if you told him to use his tail.
A very scruffy little parrot. Mitch said it was like a pirate bird.
The previously mentioned monkeys before we shared a treat with them
Lots of alligators, right beside the picnic area when you first eneter the zoo.
A little lemur family. There was a baby one that could slip in and out of the gate on their cage. It nearly hopped right on to Chris.
I just think prairie dogs are cute....and this kangaroo was funny, all sprawled out having a afternoon nap.
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Elizabeth said...

Looks like you guys had fun! and there are definitely lots of interesting animals at this zoo/game farm. I like the pic of chris in the post below w/ the tortoise lol

Quincy said...

I love the kangaroo.

Colleen said...

Quincy stole my comment. I love the kangaroo too.

MaryMary said...

My goodness..what kind of zoo lets you get so close to the animals? These are not so scary, but the tigers? Remember the Bronx zoo where you had to point to the animals miles away, relaxing in their created "natural" habitat?

Leslie said...

very true and very scary...this zoo was old school to say the least. Very large animals in very small cages. It was pretty sad

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