Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Picking

this is going to be the post that almost never was...i have been trying to get it together for days. It is not a hard thing...just a few fun things about our day apple picking.

About how it happened way to quickly... how we chose a spot and then in 10 minutes we were done. I was trying to pick and take pictures at the same time but it just was not working. I was frustrated. I was trying to have fun but it was hard. In my memories apple picking took some time so there was a bit of a let down when we were done so quickly.
I have one very efficient picker that was banned after he filled the first of 2 bags before any of us had picked even 10 apples all together. And about how when you see the bags of apples in the orchard there does not seem to be many, but when those bags are on your kitchen counter there are way more than one girl knows what to do with.
About how i could not get the computer to work and now i can not get the pictures to load. I have tried 4 times. It is making me nuts. So those pictures will follow soon, my favorite pictures...barring anymore technical difficulties.

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Colleen said...

Our apple picking went too quickly as well. I did slow the kids down a bit by posing for pictures and eating an apple. Our buckets filled quickly and they were heavy, so I can't imagine bringing more back. Now all of my apples are gone and I wish I had more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad you were able to get everything to work out with the post. Looks like you still had a great time, though short! Lol.

We've been to apple farms three times this season and have only picked one apple each. Lol. Go figure.

lpandolfo said...

hey leslie,
i share in your frustration.
we also went apple picking and it was over before we knew it!!! but i do believe the kids will have a much different perspective on the whole outing!!! Lori

Brown Family Blog said...

LOL...anticlimatic for you? :o)It is hard when you are trying to take pictures and be involved. So much more stress as an adult. :o) I am glad you got lots of yummy apples. What kind did you get?

Dawn said...

Cute pictures! I have way more apples than I know what to do with at the moment as well. ;)

The Tripp Family said...

I keep telling Craig I want to go, but now he's gone til nxt year so I guess we'll have to go next fall. phooey.

MaryMary said...

Has this post been up since Monday? It said you had posted on the linky on my blog but then I didn't see anything when I came to your blog...crazy.

What will you do with all of those apples?

Elizabeth said...

Oh your post finally worked! I love all the pictures :D

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