Friday, October 24, 2008

Rainy Fall Fun

CAUTION!!! Post overloaded with pictures of fun, fun, fun!!! We got to spend a afternoon with my wonderful Aunt and Uncle. We drove out to a local farm where they had a corn maze and a whole farmyard full of fun activities for the kids.
Mitchell and Avery got to ride these "horses" and pretend that they were cowboys "la-sue-ing" a bull. This time Mitchell caught himself. I love that smile.
One of the turkeys in the farmyard got loose. I think it thought we were a threat of some kind. It followed the kids around slowly while the rode this track, but as soon as Avery got up to leave, it started running after her, she started running in panic and it just did not go well...screaming, mud, get the idea.
But Daddy saved the day and shooed that crazy turkey away. I love the look on her face as she rides around this corner, like she is not so sure about it being there.
the kids getting their dance on!!
the corn was higher than we ever imagined it would be. The kids happily followed Aunt D all through the maze, like little chickens.
My family of farm animals...see Mitchie peeking up there in the goat!
i think he is giving us a good loud "Yee-haw" here after catching a bull.

NO he is not about to run her over...!
One of the things there was this little bunny town. He is hard to see but there is one right in front of Avery. Very cute! They all had to use the hand pumps for the ducky races. I think Mitch and Avery each won one race.
How many people can you get in one giant hamster wheel?
Aunt D was a good sport and pushed Mitchell around the whole race track since his little legs were too short to reach the pedals. A good day was had by all.
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Elizabeth said...

HOW FUN!!! Tell Chris I said that he makes a very good pig LOL and hamster too haha Everyone looks like they had a blast and that picture of "your farm animals" is just too much :D

hashbrowns said...

great pictures, dear friend~ it looks like you had a sweet time with family and I am glad you get to have days like this.

Chris said...

Notice that everyone is wearing coats, hats, and gloves. I LOVE when it gets cold!!!

Brown Family Blog said...

Chris, I think your face is the most priceless in all these pictures! :o) Wish I could have been there with you guys.

MaryMary said...

YOur kids got groove there...I love the pic of Mitchie dancing. Who had more fun--Chris--or the kids? Looks like such a fun day.

The Tripp Family said...

that looks like a great time! Mitch cracked me up with his John Travolta dance move & blue boots! Turkeys have always freaked me out, now even moreso.

The Tripp Family said...

I have been procrastinating about giving you our super secret smoothie recipe b/c there's really not one. Oh, did yall see the post with the video of Joshua waiting for his shake? If not, I'll have to find it for you - too funny! Anyway, here's some of what's in it, we just dump stuff in...

frozen broccoli (sometimes I use frozen peas corn, or mixed veggies, I've also put in sweet potatoes before)
frozen strawberries (lots), blueberries (enough to get the health benefits)& raspberries (I don't use these, Craig uses a few)
I microwave all the frozen stuff for 45 sec before I put it in the blender.
1 containter blackberry yogurt
big spoonful of FF cottage cheese
1 apple
1/2 - 1 banana
1/4 c oatmeal
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
a handful of ice cubes
water or apple juice to get it to blend (I usu. use water b/c we don't drink juice)
Craig puts in a squirt of honey, I use a few drops of stevia.

If you put all this stuff in, it makes a blender full. Since Craig's gone & I don't drink these, I've been scaling it back for Joshua.

The Tripp Family said...

btw, the oatmeal is uncooked. Also, I usually don't put in protein powder when making them just for Joshua.

Leslie said...

wow that is quite a recipe....i am going to have to give it a try sometime. i would love to see the video of Joshua

Quincy said...

That's probably the funnest farm I've ever seen.

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