Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Homeschool Distraction

So for quite awhile i have had a bag full of busy work items...stashed away in the upstairs closet waiting for the moment when i was desperate. It started when Avery went to a Montessori preschool, oh how i miss it, and they had a bookshelf full of individual trays with little dishes of things that they could practice different skills on. She loved them and so did Mitch when he was there to visit.
i knew i would not be creating perfect montessori trays but i was going to give it a try and hopefully find some things that Mitch would like to do. My hope is that he can get a tray and be at the school table without being too much of a distraction to Avery. He has fun playing with the trays and she can get her schoolwork done.
Once i set them out they both got busy using them.... the top one is two little metal buckets with magnets in one and things to try to stick to the magnets in the other to see if they are metal or not. The second one is the favorite here...two little glass dishes full of mini seashells and a wooden scooper. The kids love to sort them by color and shape and pretend that they are cooking. The next is a brie box full of colored wooden shapes. I figured they could use the shapes to make things on the tray or sort them too. And the last is little tiny baskets with colored ladybugs. One big and one little in each color.
He is at playschool this morning, so we have not had much time to make use of them since i made them. I hope they work. I would love to hear other ideas for trays if any of you out there have them. Sharing ideas always helps make school a little easier, i think.
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Colleen said...

I wish I had thought of that when my kids were little. They mostly played with legos and cuisenaire rods, but they had fun with those too.

Anonymous said...


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